Helium Recovery Plants


Cryomech Liquid Helium Plants allow the user to liquefy helium from any room temperature source. Now laboratories can manage their own liquid helium consumption and conservation. With a Cryomech Helium Recovery System, facilities with several Cryostats with different boil-off rates can use one Liquid Helium Plant.


  • Powered by a Cryomech Pulse Tube Crycooler, designed with high reliability and long mean times between maintenance
  • 24 hour a day operation
  • Digital touch screen user interface that includes:
    – Remote monitoring and control
    – Digital automatic level indicator read-out
    – System diagnostics
  • Rugged, stainless steel, liquid helium Dewar
  • Cryogenically insulated extraction line and valve for low loss liquid helium transfer
  • Design increases reliability by not including JT valves, which are common in other liquefaction products


Liquefaction Rate Power Consumtion
Dewar Capacity
LHeP15 >15L/Day

8.4 kW @ 60Hz

7.9 kW @ 50Hz

LHeP22 >22L/Day

10.7 kW @ 60Hz

  9.2 kW @ 50Hz

LHeP28 >28L/Day

12.5kW @ 60Hz  

11.4W @ 50Hz

LHeP55 >55L/Day

12.5kW @ 60Hz*(2x)

 11.4W @ 50Hz*(2x)

LHeP80 >80L/Day 12.5kW @ 60Hz**(3x)  11.4W @ 50Hz**(3x) 500L

*The Liquid Helium Plant LHeP55 consists of (2) separate cold heads; each require its own compressor
**The Liquid Helium Plant LHeP80 consists of three (3) separate cold heads; each require its own compressor
***Cold heads and dewar only

Helium Recovery Systems


Cryomech Helium Recovery Systems Include the Following Components:

  • Atmospheric Helium Recovery Bag
  • Helium Recovery Compressor
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Automatic Purifier


More Details on the Cryomech Helium Recovery System Components


Atmospheric Helium Recovery Bag – The Recovery Bag is made of a durable vinyl-based polymer material. Laser positioning sensors automatically start the recovery compressor (described below) when the bag is full and stop the compressor when the bag is empty. Many users prefer Cryomech’s simple, effective design for atmospheric storage of helium gas in that it eliminates over-pressurizing their instruments, which may cause adverse effects including elevated LHe bath temperatures.


Recovery Compressor – The Medium-Pressure Recovery Compressor compresses the helium gas stored in the Recovery Bag at atmosphere to a pressure of up to 400 PSIG (27.58 bar), while our High-Pressure option reaches a pressure up to 2,400 PSIG (165.47 bar). Operation is fully automatic and the hermetically sealed system design allows for zero helium loss. The recovery rate of the Medium-Pressure Recovery Compressor is ~8.5 SCFM (~20 liquid liters per hour) and the recovery rate of the High-Pressure Recovery Compressor is ~5.1 SCFM (~10 liquid liters per hour).


Storage Cylinders and Manifold – The compressed helium gas exiting the Recovery Compressor at pressures of either 400 PSIG (27.58 bar) or 2,400 PSIG (29.3 bar) enters the Storage Cylinders through a stainless steel manifold. A pressure regulator is attached to the outlet of the manifold to regulate the helium flow to the Helium Purifier. Each Medium-Pressure Storage Cylinder can store ~17 liquid liters of helium, while the High-Pressure Storage Cylinder can store ~11 liquid liters of helium.


Automatic Purifier – Cryomech has developed an Automatic Helium Purifier to sell alongside its liquid nitrogen-cooled purifiers. Unlike the liquid nitrogen-cooled purifiers that require weekly liquid nitrogen refills and monthly trap regeneration, the Automatic Purifier runs indefinitely without any user intervention. Trap cooling is provided by a Cryomech GM Cryocooler and all equipment necessary for regeneration of the trap is included in the purifier. A PLC with 5-inch touch screen automatically determines when the trap needs to be regenerated and efficiently carries out the regeneration process. Total downtime for regeneration is limited to less than eight hours. The Automatic Purifier is fully compatible with all existing Cryomech Liquid Helium Plants.