Helium Reliquefiers


The Cryomech Helium Reliquefiers are designed to recondense the boil-off from liquid helium Dewar/Cryostats, and then return the liquid helium to the Dewar/Cryostat establishing a closed helium loop. It can be installed into Dewars already full of liquid helium or be utilized to liquefy helium gas from a gas cylinder to fill a Dewar.


  • Powered by a Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryocooler, designed for high reliability with long mean times between maintenance
  • Shipped assembled for ease of installation by an on-site technician
  • Operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week reliably, automatically and safely
  • Warranty of three years or 12,000 hours on parts and materials
  • Pressure relief and safety valves
  • Temperature monitoring
    • Silicone diode temperature sensor
    • Heater
    • Controllers
  • Liquid helium return line connection
    • Standard: 1/2″ (12.7 MM) or 3/8″ MM OD 22-30″ long
    • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Remote motor options available for vibration sensitive applications



Liquefaction Rate Reliquefaction and Recondensing Rate Power Consumtion
HeRL10 ≥10L/Dayy ≥18L/Day

8.4 kW @ 60Hz

7.9 kW @ 50Hz

HeRL15 ≥15L/Day ≥27L/Day

10.7 kW @ 60Hz

  9.2 kW @ 50Hz

HeRL20 ≥20L/Day ≥40L/Day

12.5kW @ 60Hz  

11.4W @ 50Hz

HeRL40 ≥40L/Day TBD

12.5kW @ 60Hz*(2x)

 11.4W @ 50Hz*(2x)

HeRL60 ≥60L/Day TBD 12.5kW @ 60Hz**(3x)  11.4W @ 50Hz**(3x)