KP Technology

Bespoke Custom Systems

KP Technology has a sound background in scientific measurement and instrumentation, including first hand experience in the requirements of the scientific community. Our wealth of experience, from the needs of the user through the design process and on to manufacture, is invaluable to our workinig methods and practise.


Bespoke Custom Systems

We provide custom solutions to unique problems, with progression of design from initial client conception to final manufacture and beyond. Clear, precise and accurate communication of ideas, design intent and manufacturing technique are a necessity in this field, and that is what we deliver.

Digital Modelling Techniques

We use state of the art 3D modelling software for design and testing. Our dynamic design software gives us the capability to accommodate even the biggest alterations with relative ease. This process allows us to prove

complete integration of existing equipment with our modified solution

before ever reaching the final manufacturing stage.

Our digital representations have been used in the application of funding and