KP Technology

Ultra High Vacuum Kelvin Probe System (UHV020)

This package comes with dedicated UHV Head Unit; Specifications are similar to the Ambient KP package:

  • Work Function resolution 1-3 meV.
  • Standard DN40 70 mm OD (2¾ inch) Mounting Flange.
  • Flange Adapters for DN63 CF, DN100 CF (4½, 6 inch).
  • Stainless Steel Tip Sizes, typically 2-10 mm diameter.
  • Tip to Sample Spacing Regulation .
  • 100% UHV Compatible to 2 x 10-11 mBar.
  • Manual Translation 50 or 100 mm.
  • Custom Insertion Length.
  • Ideal, Plane Parallel Vibration, 90O to the sample plane.
  • Software Selectable Tip or Sample Biasing.
  • Tip Preamplifier.


Spec Sheet - UHV020
Handout - UHV020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 341.0 KB

UHV Kelvin Probe Options/Upgrades

  • UHV Scanning Kelvin Probe 44 mm travel DN100 CF.
  • UHV Scanning Kelvin Probe 20 mm travel, DN64 CF.
  • Upgrade to Absolute Kelvin Probe (PhotoEmission Package).
  • Upgrade to Surface Photovoltage.
  • Variable Tip Geometries.
  • 25 mm Motorized Translation.
  • Gold Coated Tips.
  • Additional Stainless Steel Tips.
  • Test Sample Mounted as Standard.


Example Application of KP Technology UHV System
KPAN006 - Thin Film Growth UHV.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 196.7 KB