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Seebeck Measurement Systems

MMR's SB-100 Seebeck Measurement System allows users to make automatic measurements of the temperature-dependent Seebeck potential of metals, semiconductors and other electrically conductive samples over a temperature range from 70 K to 730 K, and from 300K to 730K. Sample mounting is simple permitting rapid interchange of samples. The Seebeck system is compatible with a variety of computers through an IEEE-488 (GPIA) or RS-232 interface. The MMR Programmable Seebeck Measurement System includes the SB-100 Programmable Seebeck controller, the K-20 Programmable

Temperature Controller, the Seebeck Thermal Stage and accessories,

a computer (PC), and MMR supplied software.

The Seebeck Thermal Stage includes two pairs of thermocouples. One pair is formed of junctions of copper and a reference material of known Seebeck emf. The other pair is formed of junctions of copper and the material whose Seebeck emf is to be determined. The system uses a sophisticated parametric double reference measurement technique developed at MMR Technologies, that yields precise, highly reproducible results, even with difficult samples.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 70K to 730K
  • Two 16 bit A/D Converters
  • Resolution: 50 nV
  • Mismatch of Gains of reference and test channels: <0.1%
  • Minimum Heater Step Size: 0.1 mW
  • Number of Readings Automatically Averaged: Up to 128
  • Full software provided for all measurements
  • Sample Length: >2 mm and <10 mm
  • Power Input: 110 V, 60 Hz and 220 V, 50 Hz
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