Oxford Applied Research

UHV Manipulators

VSW manufacture a wide range of precision mechanical components. All are UHV compatible and fully bakeable without any dismantling.


Simple UHV manipulators
The SMT50 (50 mm Z travel) and the SMT100 (100 mm Z travel) with 20 mm X and Y movement are a cost effective solution where full XYZ precision is not required. Both are 70 mm OD flange mounting.


Linear drives
The LMT range of linear motion translators includes Z motions of 25, 50 and 100 mm with 70 mm and 114 mm OD mounting flanges.


UHV Manipulators
The XYZ family of UHV precision manipulators cover Z motions of 65 mm to 165 mm and options of liquid nitrogen cooling and resistive or electron bombardment heating. The HPML range covers Z motions up to 700 mm.


Rotary drives
Precision two motion (PRM2) and single motion (PRM1) rotary drives with 360 degree vernier graduations.