Oxford Applied Research

VSW Product Upgrades

Current modifications or upgrades will be posted below as they become available.

New digital control unit DaQ3: The DaQ3 is a new digital control unit for the VSW range of hemispherical analysers.

Based on a 68000 microprocessor the unit provides all analyser voltages, lens voltages and electron multiplier supply for CL50, CL100 and CL150 analysers.
Communication is via RS232 interface to any PC.
Complete with SPECTRA software package.

Introductory Special trade in offer for your old analyser controller HAC5000 or HAC300 - email for details.

TA10 X ray source
A new quick connect/disconnect assembly is now fitted to all VSW X ray sources. This failsafe safety housing contains all the services (High voltage and water cooling supply) in a push on mount. A further safety feature is that the High voltage cannot be switched on until the safety cover is home. This assembly is also available as a retrofit kit.

Variable Magnification Upgrade
This upgrade package allows users of existing CLASS 100 or 150 analysers with VM lens types to operate the lens in HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW magnification modes, providing a small or variable area analysis facility.

Lens Upgrade Package
If you are using an older VSW CLASS analyser then it may not have the latest lens fitted. We now have upgrades available to fit VM (Variable Magnification) or WA (Wide Acceptance) angle input optics to your analyser to improve performance.

Software Upgrade
We have now standardised on SPECTRA software for data acquisition and manipulation. The basic package includes PC card, cables and SPECTRA software.

NB This card requires TTL input from either an existing ratemeter or our new VSW preamplifier.