Partners and Products

Oxford Instruments is the No.1 supplier for Cryostat options for microscopy and spectroscopy experiments in the scientific market. 

LHe and LN2 Optical Cryostats with sample in vacuum or in exchange gas for quick sample change. Cryofree optical systems from < 3 K to 300 K for with low vibrations and unique sample loading mechanism.

With 30 years of history, knowledge and experience, Noblegen is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of specialist gas and cryogenic solutions. They offer sustainable and cost effective solution compared to conventional cylinder and bulk liquid supplies. Their range of laboratory gas, industrial gas and cryogenic liquid nitrogen generators are unrivalled in performance and efficiency. Noblegen is the only PSA gas generator company that manufacturers both gas and cryogenic liquid nitrogen generators at their UK head office.

Pride Cryogenic is a technology oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of GM Cryocoolers and cryogenic engineering application devices.


They offer a Cryocooler in the range from 0.25W / 1.0W / 1.2W / 1.5W up to 2W@4.2K. Helium Reliquefier and Recovery Systems based on GM Coolers are available up to 200 ltr /day.

ColdEdge specializes in fully customized systems. Our engineers work directly with your team to design and build a unique solution for your experiment.Cryofree optical systems from < 1.5 K to 1000 K

Stinger Cryostat / ULV High Power Cryosystems

Lihan has developed a series of thermoacoustic cryocoolers (also known as “Pulse Tubes” or “Stirling Coolers”) capable of a cooling power range from 1W@77K to 500W@77K. LC’s products have been used in many kinds of applications including superconductivity device cooling, atmospheric pollution detection, nuclear instrumentation cooling and gas liquefaction,air separation etc.

American Magnetics has developed a wide range of  Standard & Cryogenfree Superconducting Magnets to offer the research community cryogenic, magnetic combined Environments. This includes the range of Standard Superconducting Solenoid and Split Pair Systems, as well as 2D and 3D MAxis Systems with or without optical Access. American Magnetics will design and manufacture Customize Superconducting Magnets to your specifications. The wide range of unique Power Supplies and Liquid Level Meters are great to upgrade existing Systems.

Oxford Applied Research is a supplier of UHV and HV components and systems for the deposition and characterisation of thin films. Their speciality lies in producing high quality Ebeam Evaporators, Thermal Crackers and Cluster Sources. In addition to that, OAR focused on producing RF/DC Atom and Ion Sources or even Piezo Electric Leak Valves to optimize the gas flow rates.

Scientific Instruments provide the best in cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation to the scientific and industrial communities with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and support. Temperature controll and monitors up to 8 channels with several sensor configuraton is available.