Oxford Applied Research

RF Atom Sources

The Oxford Applied Research RF ion sources are employed in applications
where ion-beam etching, sputter deposition or assisted deposition are
required with minimal contamination. The inductively-coupled discharge
requires no hot cathode and, with the exception of the extraction grids,
takes place entirely within an ultra-pure ceramic discharge zone. This
configuration lends itself to operation with reactive gases, such as oxygen,
hydrogen or nitrogen without the accelerated degradation of the discharge
zone as observed in filament-driven ion sources.



Model HD20 HD25 HD60 HD150
In-vacuum diameter 34 mm 57 mm 96 mm 196 mm
Standard length 290 mm 290 mm 290 mm 212 mm
Beam diameter 20 mm 25 mm 50 mm 150 mm
Mounting flange


(70 mm / 2.75")


(114 mm / 4.5")


(150 mm / 6")

NW200CF (250 mm / 10")
Max. operating power 400 W 600 W 600 W 1,200 W



Note: OAR also manufactures model HD25R specially for users of some Riber MBE Systems with non-  standard port sizes. Please ask us for details.


Flux: At a working distance of 100 mm > 1 x 10-16 atoms/cm²/sec


Standard equipment supplied: Source (to user-specified  length & with viewport to Plasma), RF cable, Manual Tuning unit, ion deflection plates and power supply


Services: 0.5 l / min water cooling


Operating pressure: All sources can operate at chamber pressure < 5 x 10 -³ mbar