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Compound Dissociation K-Cell

Although it has been known for many years that the thermal decomposition of GaP´and GaAs produces substantially P2 and As2 respectively, only recently has this method been seriously applied in MBE as a simpler, lower-cost alternative to two-zone valved crackers which operate with elemental red phosphorus (P4) feedstock. On heating, red phosphorus sublimes and converts to the white P4 allotrope, which must then be thermally cracked from a secondary buffer zone to produce the reactive P2 species. In contrast, the CDK35 is a compound dissociation source consisting solely of a K-cell and a Ga trap.



Mounting flange NW35CF (70mm / 2.75 inch O.D.)
In-vacuum diameter 34mm
In- vacuum length 200mm (standard)
Operating K-cell temperature to 1000°C
Crucible PBN - 35cm3*
Power supply Included
Water cooling Included
Options Shutter (NW63CF flange required)
* Higher-capacity models on request