Oxford Applied Research

RF Ion Sources

The Oxford Applied Research RF ion sources are employed in applications
where ion-beam etching, sputter deposition or assisted deposition are
required with minimal contamination. The inductively-coupled discharge
requires no hot cathode and, with the exception of the extraction grids,
takes place entirely within an ultra-pure ceramic discharge zone. This
configuration lends itself to operation with reactive gases, such as oxygen,
hydrogen or nitrogen without the accelerated degradation of the discharge
zone as observed in filament-driven ion sources.



Model RF25 RF50 RF150
In-vacuum diameter 59mm 98mm 198mm
Beam diameter 25mm 50mm 150mm
Mounting flange * NW63CF NW100CF NW200CF
Ion beam energy 100-1000eV 100-1000eV 100-1000eV
Beam current density >3mA/cm2 >6mA/cm2 >3mA/cm2
Operating gas flow 5-10sccm 5-10sccm 10-20sccm
Standard tuning unit Manual Manual Automatic
Power supplies 600W RF and
screen grid
0123-600W RF and
screen grid
600W RF, screen
and accelerator
Grid material


Mo, Ti

Graphite, Mo, Ti Mo, Ti
Water cooling 0.5l/s at 20oC 0.5l/s at 20oC 0.5l/s at 20oC
*For externally mounted source. Internally mounted sources are also available