Star Cryoelectronics


Standard and custom cryocable assemblies for STARCryo SQUIDs, detectors, and ADR cryostats; woven loom and bundled twisted pair cables with Cu, Ph-Br, or NbTi wire; hermetic connector penetrations.

STAR Cryoelectronics offers standard flexible cryocables that simplify system integration.


The Model CBL-C2 cryocable is configured with a 10-pin or 14-pin bulkhead-style warm-end connector that is vacuum sealed and passes through a ½-inch opening. The cable consists of four or five twisted pairs of phosphor-bronze wire and one twisted pair of copper wire, plus an over-all braided stainless steel shield.


The cold end is configured with a custom 10-pin or 14-pin LEMO receptacle that mates with STAR Cryoelectronics’ cryogenic sensor packages. The cryocables can be assembled with optional heat sinks, custom lengths and wire type, and with warm end only or cold end only.


STAR Cryoelectronics also offers rigid test probes, and custom woven twisted pair loom cable assemblies


CBL-C2 Cryocable Datasheet.pdf
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