CAM Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Flex Lines

- The most efficient way of transferring liquid cryogens -

Key Advantages:

  • Outer flex section remains ambiet - no personnel hazard, safe to touch
  • Super insulated vacuum lines ensure the highest quality liquid cryogens is delivered to the use point
  • Improved productivity - reduced cooling time and faster delivery of liquid cryogens to the use point, due to rapid hose cool down
  • Lower cryogen consumption - save money
  • All ends are polished to a high luster finish
  • Fabricated from 300 series stainless steel with a highly flexible outer spiral wrap + superflex braid
  • Can be combined with plant piping systems to provide efficient connections to the use point
  • Can be supplied in kit form for Installation by local labour
  • Every hose is leak tested and cold shocked to ensure ist vacuum integrity
  • Each hose is sealed under vacuum with a combination seal
  • Small outer diameter in comparison to equivalent lagged lines



Lengths (in m):       1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 20

End Connections:   UNF 3/4" - 16 or NPT 1/2" or NPT 3/8"

                                   --> Plain tube ends and other fittings are available on request

- Undemanding system that deliver the best of results -


General Information:


Cryoandmore´s Super Insulated Vacuum Lines are the perfect solution for applications requiring the safe and efficient Transfer of liquid Nitrogen or other cryogens. Anywhere that cryogenic liquids are used in processing vacuum jacketed transfer hoses can ensure the highest quality liquid is delivered to the use point.

Vacuum insulated Flex Lines are currently used in the following industries:

  • Laboratory, Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic and Semiconductor
  • Aerospace and Industrial
  • Food and Beverage



A maintenance check is adviced every 12 months on all cryogenic Equipment. Cryoandmore offers a choise of site based maintenance contract and will refurbish/ upgrade products.

Brochure CAM Vacuum Inslated Cryogenic F
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All dimensions are changeable to meet your specifications, please send us your needs to to get a quote