Oxford Applied Research

Integrated Glove-Box OLSYS 100

Some organic electronic devices incorporate air-sensitive materials which must be processed in a pressurised glove-box. For small-molecule OLEDs (SMOLEDs), additional n- and p-type dopants and metal contacts are deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE), which currently requires the cumbersome transfer of the device into a separate vacuum system.

We have now developed a vacuum evaporation unit that can be integrated into the base of a glove-box, thus facilitating in-situ deposition.

The turbo-pumped vessel has provision for several of our valved organic evaporators, thermal or e-beam metal-contact evaporators, plus a film-thickness monitor.


Specification - Standard OLSYS System

Chamber design Cylindrical stainless steel
Sample holder 2 inch diameter with shutter
Pumping 250l/s Turbo and backing pump
Base pressure <10-7 mbar (O-ring sealed)
Sample loading Via door inside glove box
ORG50V sources 2 included
Mini e-beam evaporator 1 included
Quartz crystal monitor 1 included

Specification- ORG50V Evaporator

Feedstock capacity 50cc
K-cell temperature 600°C (max)
Heater PID autotune control
Valve dynamic range >100:1
Beam diameter Variable (selectable)
Flange mount NW63CF/4½”
Bakeout (UHV compatible) to 250°C
Valve control Motorised, computer control