Oxford Applied Research

Thermal Gas Crackers

Currently available thermal crackers employ a very hot (~2500ºC) tungsten
filament at high power (~400W), thus imposing an undesirable heat load on UHV systems. Also, this type of cracker is not very gas-efficient and is of limited application (principally for H2) since tungsten is severely attacked by some gases, such as oxygen. The Oxford Applied Research Universal Thermal Cracker, model TC50, exploits its established reactive gas-resistant e-beam heating technology. It incorporates a fine-bore inert cracker tube connected directly to the gas-inlet line, thus confining and minimising gas load, whilst providing a large surface area and long path length for high efficiency cracking at very low flow rates.



Mounting NW35CF
In-vacuum diameter 34mm
In-vacuum length 200mm (standard)
Cracker temp. ≤1000°C
Max. Power 60W
Services Water (0.5litres/min. <20°C)
Power supply Single phase 110/220V AC
Gas flow rate <0.5sccm
Filaments Two ThO2-coated (one spare)


  • Remote computer-operated gas doser valve with RS232 interface
  • Shutter – manual or remote