Oxford Applied Research

Low Energy Ion Sources

The LIon50 is a low energy gas ion source which operates on the principle of electron impact ionisation. It is capable of producing ion beams with energies between 30eV and 1keV with very narrow energy spread. The source is compatible with a variety of gases, including reactive gases such as O2. The instrument incorporates highly efficient water cooling to ensure minimal outgassing during operation. Applications include ion spectroscopy, 2particle detection/calibration and substrate cleaning.



Mounting flange NW35CF
In-vacuum diameter 34mm
In- vacuum length 200mm (standard)
Ion beam energy 30eV -1keV
Total beam current >30mA*
Ionising beam current 200mA (Max.)
Operating gas flow 0-0.5sccm
Beam divergence 15o typical
Services 0.5 litres/min water cooling
Power supply Single phase 110/220V AC
* Gas and beam energy dependent. Value is for Ar at 0.1kV beam energy