Oxford Applied Research

Valved Organic Evaporators

In the emerging organic semiconductor/OLED markets there is a need for valved evaporators capable of rapid flux change. The first available evaporator from Oxford Applied Research, model ORG50V, has a 50cc capacity. The design, incorporating a patented in-line valve, eliminates the thermal inertia of conventional un-valved evaporators and additionally conserves feedstock during bakeout. The evaporant flux can be changed in seconds over a wide dynamic range and beam profile tailored to the user’s requirements - from pencil beam to large area shower-head configurations.



Feedstock capacity 50cc
K-cell temperature 600°C (max)
Heater PID autotune control
Valve dynamic range >100:1
Beam diameter variable (selectable)
Flange mount NW63CF/4½”
Bakeout (UHV compatible) to 250°C