Oxford Applied Research

Nanocluster Solutions

Oxford Applied Research supplies a number of products to meet the increasing demands of the nanoscience community. The nanocluster sources can be used to deposit a wide range of clustered materials for applications raning from research into the fundamental properties of nanoscale structures, to industrial applications such as cataysis and highly adherent films. The nanocluster source is capable of producing beams of well defined nanocrystalline particles using the gas condensation method.


In addition to the sources we can provide a high-mass quardrupole to measure the cluster mass and size-select the ionised clusters from the sources. Furthermore we offer a complete nanocluster deposition system. The source is fully UHV compatible and bakeable.



NC200U Nanocluster Source
Material source Magnetron
Deposition rate <0.001nm/s to ~0.5nm/s (for Cu, cluster size dependent)
Mean cluster sizes <0.4nm to ~10nm in diameter
Ar flow rate required 10-100sccm
Beam diameter 5mm to 40mm at a source-sample distance of 100mm (for Cu)
Aggregation length Variable
Power supply 1kW supply included
Source mounting NW150CF or to customer requirement
Water cooling 0.5l/s - de-ionised water advisable
Services 500l/s differential pumping, liq. Nitrogen, Ar and He
Options Gencoa Fe targets
QMF200 Quadrupole Mass Filter
Mass range 50 to 3x106 a.m.u.
Ultimate resolution ~2% (standard model)
Mounting In NW150CF tubulation
Options QUVI Software control
Nanodep60 Nanocluster Deposition System
Cluster source NC200U (as above)
Mass measurement QMF200 (as above)
Rate measurement Quartz crystal monitor on linear drive
Deposition chamber Base pressure <1x10-9. Numerous ports available
Pumping Turbos with backing pumps. 1000l/s on chamber, 500l/s on source 70l/s on load lock.
Pressure measurement Ion gauge on system. Pirani gauges on source and backing lines.
Frame Aluminium support
Electronics 2 racks house system and instrument power supplies
Valves 2 Gate valves (1 on load-lock, 1 to cluster source)
Bake-out Internal heaters and external band heaters
Sample loading By load lock
Sample heating On load-lock arm. To 800oC with PSU
Gas input 2x Mass flow controllers on NC200U with PSU.
Services required Ar and He gases. Liq N cooling, water cooling, pump exhaust 2
Options As for NC200 and QMF200. Sample manipulator and holder.