Oxford Applied Research

VSW Analysers

The range of VSW CLASS analysers provide unparalleled versatility and performance for spectroscopy and research applications in surface science.

The range is modular allowing flexibility and range of entry level. Each analyser can be upgraded with the latest developments in lens or detector technologies.

The analysers are based on precision engineered double focusing and fully mu-metal screened hemispheres of 100 mm or 150 mm mean radius.

There are two basic series of CLASS analysers, the CLASS VM for small area analysis/high angular resolution and the CLASS WA range for applications requiring high angular acceptance and maximum throughput.


Mechanical Details

Working distance 40 mm (CLASS 100), 60 mm (CLASS 150)
Vacuum mounting flange Rotatable FC100 (6"/150 mm CF)
Sample to flange 365 mm (CLASS 100), 600 mm (CLASS 150)
Minimum port I/D required

65.5 mm (CLASS 100)

98.5 mm (CLASS 150)

Electrical feedthroughs

Single channel version: Lens/analyser voltages - 12 way

MCD version: 1 x 12 way, BNCs

Maximum bake out temperature
UHV compatible, non-magnetic
Any: support points provided for mounting and easy maintenance