Cryocoolers & Compressor Service from Cryoandmore

Cryoandmore now offers a wide range of service options at our service center which is located in Bielefeld. Many cryocooler could be serviced here without the need of shipping it back to the manufacturer.

Our team is happy to provide a service quote includes costs and lead time.


Cryocooler refurbishments performed at our service center include:

  • Replacement of required wear items-seals, valve disc, valve stem, and displacers when necessary
  • Performance testing to factory specification
  • Exchange of aeroquip connections if needed
  • Leak check, both pressurized and for vacuum integrity, where applicable
  • Flow check of all internal parts to ensure optimum refrigeration capacity
  • Gas cleanup for all items cryocooler , flex hoses and compressor
  • Adsorber change for the compressor

We also understand that there are cases where complete removal and return of the cryocooler is overly difficult. Cryoandmore also offers “Hot Swap” service  which allows for “in situ” maintenance, without the need to remove the complete cryocooler for return or replacement.

Performing hot swap service lowers the total cost of ownership by:

  • Eliminating the cost of shipping a complete cryocooler to the service center
  • Eliminating labor costs associated with complete disassembly of the cryocooler from your system
  • Minimizing the “down time” of your system for service or repair
  • Minimizing the required capital investment in spare parts
Cryoandmore offers as well a installation service for new and existing cryostat systems.

For request of service or installation please contact our service departement under or fill out the form below and include the following information

  • Manufacturer of your system
  • Serial number of system
  • Date of purchase
  • Number of hours in service
  • Brief description of your request
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