Oxford Applied Research

RF Solides Crackers

The RFK30 builds on the extensive experience at Oxford Applied Research in supplying RF atom sources to the thin-film growth community. The cracker is designed to vaporise and subsequently dissociate polyatomic solids such as phosphorous, Arsenic, Selenium and Sulphur. Unlike thermal crackers, which do not fully crack the vaporised molecules, RF dissociation delivers predominantly monatomic species to the active beam, enabling excellent control over growth or incorporation of dopant species.



Mounting NW63CF
In-vacuum Length 290mm (standard)
In-vacuum Diameter
Max. RF Power 500W
Beam Diameter Divergent. 25mm at source exit
Discharge Zone Materials High-Purity Quartz/PBN liner
K-cell Temperature Max. 450°C
K-cell Capacity 30cc
Water cooling Min. 0.5l/min
Discharge buffer gas Ar, Ne, H2, N2 or mixtures