Star Cryoelectronics

HTS Sensors

STAR Cryoelectronics offers high-Tc dc SQUID magnetometers and planar gradiometers sealed in compact, button-shaped sensor packages or mounted in complete sensor assemblies with connector Interfaces.










  • Large-area magnetometers and mini-magnetometers fabricated using YBCO bicrystal or step-edge Josephson junction processes.
  • Packaged in connectorized assembly, or available packaged in small button-shaped assemblies.


STARCryo dc SQUIDs are simple to operate using pcSQUID™, the advanced PC-based SQUID control and readout electronics available from STAR Cryoelectronics. The smooth dc characteristics of the SQUIDs also ensure easy operation using any compatible feedback electronics.


Sensor Handling Procedures.pdf
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