Star Cryoelectronics

Microcal X-Ray Spectrometers

Next-generation energy dispersive spectrometers based on microcal detectors for high energy resolution X-ray microanalysis.

MICA-1600 X-Ray Spectrometer

  • Energy resolution better than 10 eV FWHM at 1.7 keV
  • Count rate up to 10 kcps
  • Large sensing areas of up to 4 mm2
  • Operates with a 0.1 K refrigeration system that only consumes electricity
  • No liquid cryogens are used or required

STAR Cryoelectronics’ MICA-1600 is a next generation energy dispersive spectrometer that combines the advantages of conventional EDS with the high resolution of WDS in a single instrument to provide high resolution, rapid throughput, high uptime, and the ease-of-use required for materials characterization and analysis. Its unique microcalorimeter provides an energy resolution of better than 10 eV FWHM at 1.7 keV to easily resolve line overlaps, detect light elements, and to characterize the thinnest, smallest features at very low beam voltages.

The MICA-1600 provides simple and accurate quantitative analysis across the entire energy band up to 8 keV. See clear detection of chemistry-dependent satellite lines.