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TAI Thermal Strap Solutions

TAI provides custom, and 66 standard model, OFHC copper cabling (99.99 - 99.998% pure), straps (CuTS®). All standard and custom straps now come standard with our proprietary, TAI OFHC UltraFlex™ copper cabling (offering the highest degree of flexibility, while maintaining the same diameter and thermal performance as our standard OFHC cu braid), and TAI now offers nickel and gold plating for all of our CuTS® products.
TAI's CuTS® are the most affordable copper rope/cabling straps commercially-available, and just a fraction of the cost of any other strap configuration/type (the average CuTS® is just 1/2 - 1/4 the price of any competing stacked metallic foil strap, and 1/4 - 1/10 the cost of any graphite/graphene/carbon-based strap). While they are most often used in ground-based applications by national laboratories, universities, and engineering/technology companies, our CuTS® are used in a number of US and European space programs including: GOES-R/S/T/U, DSAC, OSIRIS-REx, GRACE-FO, Solar Orbiter, METEOSAT and others (to learn more about CuTS® flight heritage and current space programs, visit our CuTS page).
For hundreds of examples of standard & custom copper straps from dozens of programs, visit our CuTS® Design Gallery. To get your copy of the 2018 CuTS® Catalog, Click Here Now!
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TAI now manufactures our popular copper thermal strap assemblies in 66 models (24 standard straps, and 42 Cryocooler Series straps).  All standard straps are rope/cabling length and bolt pattern customizable at no charge. For minor changes to end fitting dimensions, please contact us to discuss. Our staff is willing to work with your program to minimize NRE/design fees, to help you avoid paying the full cost of a typical custom program.

Please note that custom straps typically cost the same as standards (on a per unit basis), but there is a small additional NRE/Design Fee.

  • Most affordable straps commercially available
  • Built to the same exacting quality standards as all aerospace customer straps
  • Typical 4-6 week lead times (can increase during Government procurement rushes)
  • Made entirely of OFHC cu (CU-101)
  • Solder-Free 
  • Designed and fabricated for optimized flexibility
  • Available in single and double row straps
  • Available in 3 fixed widths
  • Nickel and Gold plating now available on all thermal straps
  • Front-end design and projections work - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Material Certs and CoC's - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Bolt pattern customization - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Rope/Cabling Length - FREE OF CHARGE
  • 24 standard models to choose from




CS-52B CuTS® for Sumitomo™ Cryocooler RDK-305D



 CS-68B Cryocooler Strap for Sumitomo™ Cryocooler RDK-415D



 Custom Pulse Tube Cryocooler Strap for Cryomech™ PT30



 Custom Cryocooler Strap for Cryomech™ PT415 (4K)

Pictured: Two submodels from our CS line.  

*Complete drawings, details and specs on all of our 66 standard models can be found in the

new 2018 CuTS® Catalog.